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The Zanzibar archipelago it is made up of two main islands, Unguja (in Kiswahili) and Pemba, surrounded by numerous smaller islands. It is located 25 miles off the east coast of Tanzania (Mainland).

The name seems to derive from the Persian zanj, which means black, and from bar, which means coast: hence Zanzibar, the black population of the coast.

The archipelago is characterized by an interesting biodiversity: it includes a tropical rainforest, mangroves and lush coasts that are home to a large variety of plants, as well as various species of mammals, birds and invertebrates.


The excursions

Pwani Mchangani is a strategic starting point for carrying out all excursions on the island, managing to comfortably return to the Villa within the day.

Zanzibar offers unforgettable excursions, from those lasting a few hours to the coral reef in front of the Villa with a simple sailing boat owned by local fishermen, to organized safaris to visit the parks of Tanzania.

And then Nakupenda, Prison Island, the Mnemba atoll, the city of Stone Town, the spice tour, the Kinyasini market, the Blue Safari, the dolphins of Kizimkazi, the Jozani forest, the turtles of Nzuri, Nungwi, Kendwa, Michamwi...


There is so much to see and explore, unforgettable experiences not to be missed.


Sun, beaches and sea….but also history, legends and traditions: this is Zanzibar.

Villa Thamani offers its guests the opportunity to know and experience the true face of this magical island, a crossroads of peoples and cultures for centuries.

And in addition to the experience of life in Pwani Mchangani, a typical fishing village, it is possible to rely on the local agency that manages the Villa to carry out all the excursions on the island or, alternatively, on some serious and reliable beach boys, ready to satisfy every request.

Furthermore, for all those with a spirit of adventure, it is possible to go on a safari to visit the wonderful parks of Tanzania, relying on a specialized local agency, which will make you experience unique and unforgettable emotions.

How can you organize your excursions?

You have various options:

1) for the more "hesitant and worried about the African reality" guests, the local agency that manages the Villa offers all organized excursions;

2) for the other guests, the more "adventurous ones and lovers of price negotiation" we recommend some super reliable beach boys (we will give you names and direct telephone numbers): the boys will come to the Villa to propose the various excursions and if you are good you will be able to get an excellent price;

3) if you decide to go on a safari in Tanzania, we will give you the contact of a specialized agency in Stone Town, which offers to the guests of Villa Thamani a dedicated discount.

Info and insights via email or telephone after booking: we will be happy to provide you with all the necessary suggestions and advice.

Trust us and our experience!

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