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  • Where exactly is Villa Thamani located?
    On the north/east coast near the famous Kiwengwa beach.

  • How far is the villa from Stone Town/Zanzibar airport?
    About 40 minutes drive from Stone Town and the airport.

  • Is this location on the coast convenient for being able to do all the excursions and always return within the same day?
    Pwani Mchangani is a great location from which to explore the island. It's a water sports paradise and very central, with the main roads being asphalted, and each excursion allows you to easily fit in the day without long car journeys.

  • What time is check in and check out?
    Check-in at 2.00pm and check-out at 10.00am; however, by prior agreement, it is possible to change them depending on the scheduled arrivals and departures. Ask if you need different times: we will try to find a solution for every need.

  • Is it necessary to take antimalarial tablets?
    No vaccination is mandatory. The villa is in a ventilated position and mosquitoes are hardly seen.

  • Where is the nearest hospital or doctor?
    There is a doctor in the area for minor ailments. We recommend that you bring a personal first aid bag. However, Stone Town has well-stocked pharmacies and some Western hospitals.

  • I want to rent a car: what can I do?
    Renting a car is simple and great for day trips. We can offer a driver and a car for daily rental or for longer periods. Rates on request.

  • How far is the nearest shop?
    The small shops of Pwani are a few minutes' walk away. The supermarket is about 10 minutes away on foot, the best-stocked one is in Kiwengwa, 6 km from the villa, reachable by taxi (motorcycle or car) in 5 minutes.

  • Are there restaurants nearby?
    Yes, there are both local and international restaurants, all within walking distance.

  • Where can you buy fresh fish?
    Directly on the beach in front of the house, every day, by the fishermen of the village. Our staff will be at your disposal to help you with the purchase and will notify you of the arrival of the fishing boats to get you the best fish.

  • If we book the chef, will he take care of making the initial and daily shopping list (obviously at our expense)?
    Certainly! Upon your arrival you will agree with him on the basic necessities to be purchased; subsequently, every day, you will tell him your menu and he will take care of purchasing what is needed to prepare it. If you want he will take you directly to the supermarket.

  • Is it possible to book your chef only for lunch or only for dinner?
    Of course: it is sufficient to report it in advance in the requests or directly on site to our representatives.

  • Where can I buy alcohol?
    Drinks can be purchased on arrival or in local shops in Pwani or Kiwengwa. You can find both cheap local alcohol and international alcohol.

  • Do power outages happen often?
    Power cuts are not common in the Pwani area, but if they should happen, the villa is equipped with a generator which will be activated by the staff when necessary.

  • I would like a maid service available all day: is this possible?
    Yes, it is an extra service and it is sufficient to request it when booking, or if you decide to do so after arrival, ask our representatives directly.

  • Are there ATMs nearby?
    No. There are only reliable local people who change money. We suggest withdrawing money in advance upon arrival: immediately outside the airport there are offices that exchange money. The Tanzanian Shilling (Tsh) is the currency of choice with mostly cash transactions.

  • Is it safe for women to holiday alone in Zanzibar?
    The island of Zanzibar is predominantly Muslim, a society where women and children are protected and respected. The entire eastern coast of Zanzibar is free of mass tourism and therefore peaceful and quiet. It is safe to walk on the beaches and interact with the locals.

  • Is it safe for children to swim in the sea?
    The east coast of Zanzibar is protected by a coral reef about 2km offshore, swimming is safe, and the sea is tidal.

  • Is it true that I can't swim during low seas?
    It's true, you can't swim on the shore because the sea retreats for about 1 kilometer and offers a characteristic landscape, with strips of very white sand interspersed with small natural pools, where you can lie down and sunbathe immersed in the water low. If you want to swim during these hours, it is possible to reach the coral reef on foot: a beautiful experience that only the tides allow you to experience.

  • Are there any big chain hotels or resorts in the area?
    The east coast has some large hotels such as the Melia, which is a few kilometers away, but the resorts are mostly small/medium sized, and are located along this beach, making it very quiet and familiar.

  • Can we take local transport?
    Local transport is a lot of fun: it's called “Dalla Dalla” and it's a small minibus that connects the various towns. Or there are the "BodaBodas" which are scooters with a driver, which take you wherever you want for a few pennies.

  • It's my birthday, can we have a party and a bonfire on the beach?
    Yes, certainly and the bonfire can be organized with the help of our staff.

  • Is it possible to have a cot?
    Yes, specify your request when booking and based on availability, we will find a cot in your room

  • What activities are there for teenagers?
    Snorkeling, diving, jet skis, Kite Surf board rental, fishing, swimming, football on the beach or in the village.

  • And the nightlife?
    Pwani is a very quiet area, but a 10 minute walk on the beach there are some very famous clubs that have disco nights.

  • How do we get from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar?
    Frequent flights between mainland and island: try Precision, Coastal, Zanair. Ferries also run from Stone Town and are a great way to explore the coast, check out AZAM.

  • Do you have a taxi service?
    Yes, on request, to and from the airport and for any other route or excursion. Please report your requests in the notes when booking.

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